While predicting that number 13 Vajpayee would return as PM after the 13th Lok Sabha election,it was also pointed about by me that “the possibility of another person from Nehru family again becoming the PM is rather dim(The New Indian Express May 17,1999)
Twelve years have passed since then.
Much water has flown under the Ganges.
Last year I predicted in my blog that AK Antony and Narendra Modi will be the prime ministerial candidates for the next lok sabha election.
Now,after deeply examining the cases of Antony,Rahul Priyanka and Pranab I come to the conclusion that Pranab will most likely be projected as a prime ministerial candidate to confront Narendra Modi.
While the candidature of Modi will be a blessing for the BJP,it will be a “blessing in disguise” for the Congress(I).
That is a real riddle!.
Apart from political considerations,there are strong numerological and astrological factors that will ultimately persuade Sonia Gandhi to approve the name of Pranab.
Pranab was born on December 11,1935.
His birth number is 2(1+1=2).
Numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for number 2 persons and vice-versa.
For example,numbers 2 and 7 are lucky for MS Dhoni whose birth number is 7.
The next election is for the 16th lok sabha(1+6=7).
“P” is the 16th letter!
Sonia and Pranab:-
Let us also consider the harmonious relations between Sonia and Pranab.
Sonia was born on December 9,1946.
Sonia and Pranab belong to the Sun-Sign Sagittarius.
It augurs well for the intimacy of the two people.
Nehru’s deep love for Indira can be attributed to the fact that both were born in Scorpio.
Besides,the Moon Sign of Sonia and Pranab is same(Gemini).
The fate number of Sonia is 32(3+2=5).
The fate number of Pranab is 23(2+3=5).
After considering the possibilities of Advani and Modi I have found that,unless un-expected events occur,Modi has a far better chance than Advani.
Narendra Modi was born on September 17,1950.
In Indian politics the most notable person with birth date 17 was MG Ramachandran(born on Jan 17,1917).
Quite interestingly,Narendra Modi shares his birthday with MF Hussain.
The birth number of Narendra Modi is 8(1+7=8)
The name number of Narendra Modi is 41(4+1=5).
His fate number is 32(3+2=5).(Plese note the fact that the fate numbers of Modi,Sonia,Priyanka and Pranab are identical).
Modi’s Sun-Sign is Virgo owned by Mercury and represented by 5
Rahul,Sonia and Priyanka:-
By occult reasons Sonia is more attached to Rahul than Priyanka.
The Sun-Signs of Sonia and Rahul are in the 7th from each other.
That augurs well for close intimacy.
The Sun-Signs of Rajiv and Sonia are in the 9-5 positions.
The Moon-Signs of Sonia and Rajiv are in the auspecious 3-11 positions
Besides,the Lagna(ascendant) in their horoscopes are also in 3-11 positions.
That was the reasons for their close intimacy.
It may be noted that the King maker K Karunakaran in his last period almost ruined his political credibility out of blind and irrational love for his son Murali.
But,there were numerological and astrological reasons for it!
The birth number of Karunakaran is 5.
The birth number of Murali is 5.
Their Moon-Signs are in the 7-7 positions.
But the Sun-Signs of Murali and Karunakaran are in the inauspecious 2-12 positions.
That caused the “Chanakya” of Indian politics to commit a faux pas out of blind love for his son.
In this context it is quite significant to note that the Moon-Signs of Sonia and Rahul are in the inauspecious 6-8 positions!
Interestingly,Rahul and Murali share the same Moon-Sign Scorpio!!
Rahul’s future:-
It is not correct to “write of Rahul in the light of UP verdict.
Remember that the BJP had only 2 seats in the lok sabha election conducted in 1984.
He has a strong personality.
He shares his birthday with world’s mentally most powerful iron lady Aung San Suu Kyi.
Suu Kyi is now not far away from her cherished goals.
But,it is quite doubtful whether he can be in the prime ministerial post before 2017.
But,surprisingly,it is seen that his marrige will take place before the middle of 2014(at the latest) and that that will be a love marriage.
Antony and Priyanka:-
Both of them can be placed only in the 3rd position of Soni’s preference.


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