I express my hearty gratitude to all Editors ( English and regional languages) who were magnanimous enough to publish the IANS report-Kerala numerologist predicts sunny days for Sachin”.

I am an amateur numerologist doing research since 1989.

So far,about 50 journalists have helped me at various stages.
This figure is exclusive of the editors who published the IANS reports twice.
The first one was on April 14,2011(It could be lucky 13 for some kerala politicians)

Sachin scored his 100th century by 114 runs(1+1+4=6).

He scored the 100th century after 1 year and 5 days (1+5=6).

of taking the 99th century on March 12,2011.

In that interval he has gone 33 innings(3+3=5).

The name Sachin has 6 characters.

The name” Sachin Tendulkar” carries 15 characters(1+5=6).

His wife’s name “Anjali” has 6 characters.

Cricket World Cup 2011 was Sachin’s 6th WC.

India won the WC 2011 by 6 Wickets

April 2 is a sweet day for me.

It was on April 2,2011 that India won the world cup.

My prediction was carried by the Sri Lankan online daily “Asian Tribune” on April 1.

My prediction was concluded thus”India will miraculously escape from the Lankan Tsunami!”

Since then two significant predictions made about Dhoni and dravid were also proved correct.

When Dhoni turned 30 I wrote in my blog( that “his luck will drain and dwindle”.

The same was carried by the South Asia Mail also.

About Dravid I predicted that “age 38 is much luckier” for him and that the “2000th Test is lucky for him”


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