The Gujarat Assembly election is due in December 2012.
Will Narendra Modi become CM again?
As per my findings,Modi is now in a very favourable condition.
His strong numbers will be exerting tremendous influence at the time of election.
Numbers 5 and 8 are lucky for him.
But number 5 is superfine for him.
He was born on September 17,1950.
His birth number is 8(1+7=8).
He will be 62 at the time of election(6+2=8).
His Zodiac Sign is related to 5.
His fate number is 32(3+2=5).
His occult number is 41(4+1=5).
His name begins with the 14th alphabet “N”.
The occult value of N is 5.
Narendra Modi and K Karunakaran:-
Like Modi, the late K Karunakaran was also strongly influenced by 5.
He was the 5th CM of kerala.
Karunakaran had a special penchant for Room number 104 of the Kerala House at new Delhi.
He took many decisions from this room.
after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi on May 21,1991 Sharad Pawar was the front runner for the post of Prime Minister.
Karunakaran eliminated Pawar in the final round.
He brought in PV Narasimha Rao.
Thus,Karunakaran began to be called “kingmaker”.
During his life many try to politically eliminate Karunakaran.
Same is the case with Modi.
Will Modi be CM again?:-
His lucky numbers will be shining well at the time of election.
But,there is one important thing.
The time taken by a ball to reach atop and starting to fall back is too short to be identified!
Ball in the court of the Congress(I):-
Surely there will be anti-incumbancy factor.
Upto what extent is another matter.
If the Congress(I) takes on Modi politically,that will provide a healthy electoral battle.
On the other hand,if the Congress(I) attacks Modi on communal lines that will boomerang in favour of the latter.
History of Modi shows that he has been abundantly “helped” by the “professional secularists”.
Modi ows a lot to such people.
During the previous assembly election I had observed that “the Pseudo secularists and Pseudo intellectuals will not take rest until Modi becomes the prime minister of india!”


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