The 5th ministerial berth of the IUML has been in the waiting list ever since the swearing in of Chandy ministry.
The allotment came in 2012(representing 5).
Manjalamkuzhi Ali-the 5th minister is also related to 5.
The occult number of Manjalamkuzhi is 41(4+1=5).
The occult number of Ali is also 5.
Interestingly,according to “Malayala Manorama” Manjalamkuzhi is the 5th son of his parents!
I have been studying about PK Kunhalikutty for the last 8 years.
My friend CP Sudhakaran asked me to study.
Sudhakaran is my only friend with whom I discuss about my findings(besides journalists).
My finding about PK Kunhalikutty was first published in the “Sudinam” on Nov 22,2004.
“PK Kunhalikutty” carries 14 characters.
His occult number is 50.
The occult number of IUML is 14.
“Indian Union Muslim League” carries 23 characters.
The occult number of League is 23.
The result of the last assembly election further strengthened my findings.
It was from Vengara that Kunhalikutty contested.
The occult number of Vengara is 23.
Surprisingly enough,PK Kunhalikutty won by a margin of 38237 votes(3+8+2+3+7=23,3+2=5).
Then,in the month of May 2011,the “Chandrika” published a report about this.
As the demand for the 5th berth was in full steam the “Sudinam” again published a write-up on March 27,2012.
I thank my friend CP Sudhakaran whose request motivated me to study.
Sudhakaran is a peon in the Health Department.
But,he is a versatile genius.
He is interested in many subjects.
He has a special penchant for politics.
The only thing he hates in this world is Cricket!


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