A large section of people around the world are terrified by number 13.
The fear of number 13 is termed  as ‘triskaidekaphobia’.

But,Kerala CM Oommen Chandy is strongly lucky 13.
This fact cannot be pooh-poohed even by hardcore rationalists.
That lucky 13 Chandy would be CM after the 13th assembly election was predicted by me.
It was reported in several news papers and sites.
It can  easily be found just by a google search(it could be lucky 13 for some kerala politicians).
It was further pointed out in another report(kerala numerologist predicts sunny days for sachin).
Interestingly,Oommen Chandy was sworn in as CM with a majority of 4(1+3=4).
After the Piravom victory the majority increased from 4 to 5.
But,this number is not in good terms with Chandy!
The demand for the 5th ministerial birth may be viewed in this context.
The name ‘Indian Union Muslim League’ carries 23 characters(2+3=5).
“PK Kunhalikutty”.
bears 14 characters(1+4=5).
Kunhalikutty last won from Vengara with a margin of  38237 votes(3+8+2+3+7=23,2+3=5).
The opponents of the 5th ministerial berth are also influenced by 5
“K Muraleedharan” and “G Sukumaran Nair” carries 14 characters each.
The birth number of Murali is 5.
His fate number is 32(3+2=5).
He first became MP at the age of 32.
He was elected in the 9th,10th and 13th lok sabha elections(9+10+13=32).
“NSS” begins with the 14th alphabet N.
But,Natesan(vellappally) is supporting Chandy.

Finally, the 5th berth was allotted.
Interestingly,the 5th minister is reportedly the 5th son of his parents!
In this context,’N’eyyattinkara  is a delicious food for political thought.
It can be safely predicted that Neyyattinkara by-poll result will nullify all the bad omens threatening the Chandy ministry.
If the UDF wrests the seat,the majority will increase to 6.
If the LDF retains,the majority will decrease to 4.
Numbers 4 and 6 are lucky for Chandy.
Hence the result will be lucky for Chandy in both ways.
Goodbye 5,welcome 6 or 4.


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