Happy birth day to Sachin.

He turns 39 on April 24(2+4=6).

Numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky for him.

Besides,his fate number is 30(3+0=3).

His Zodiac Sign is Taurus.

It is related to 6.

The name Sachin has 6 characters.

The name Sachin Tendulkar has 15 characters(1+5=6).

His Test debut was on November 15,1989.

Date 15 represents 6.

After 21 years,he could be part of Indian team which lifted the cup for India in 2011.

Number  21 is related to his fate number 30.

The WC 2011 was Sachin’s 6th WC.

India won against Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.

The name of his wife,Anjali possesses 6 characters.

Her occult number 12  is related to his fate number 30.

Age 39 is related to the fate number 30.

So,it is strongly significant for Sachin.

I had predicted the victory of India in WC 2011.

I have recently predicted that Sachin has a much better period ahead.

On February 28,2012 the news agency(IANS) reported my prediction :”kerala numerologist predicts sunny days for Sachin”.

It was carried in several news papers and sites .

Sachin has scored the  100th  century since then.

Interestingly,this is not his lucky number.

His next lucky numbers are 102,105,108 etc.

It is quite sure that Sachin will reach at any one of  the above figures before leaving the field.

God bless Sachin!



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