It is quite funny to see that the Neyyattinkara by-poll is strongly
influenced by number 6.
The occult number of Neyyattinkara is 33(3+3=6).
The date of counting of votes is June 15(1+5=6).
Interestingly,the time gap between the counting of votes in the
by-elections of Piravom and Neyyattinkara is 87 days(8+7=15).
The occult numbers of Anoop Jacob and R Selvaraj are related to 6.
R Selvaraj last won by a margin of 6702 votes(6+7+0+2=15).
This time his main opponent is F Lawrence of the LDF.
His name begins with the 6th alphabet “F”.
The Neyyattinkara by-poll is a prestige issue for both Oommen Chandy
and Pinarayi Vijayan.
The name of the former begins with the 15th alphabet “O”.
The first and second names carry 6 characters each.
The occult number of Oommen Chandy is 51(5+1=6).
If the UDF wrests the seat,the majority of the UDF will increase to 6.
Oommen Chandy first became CM in the year 2004(2+0+0+4=6).
Then he was 60 years old.
If the UDF wins,its total strength in the assembly will be 73(7+3=10,1+0=1).
By virtue of his birth date,numbers 1 and 4 are strongly lucky for Chandy.
This was pointed out by me in the article entitled “Chandy’s Luck
Running High”(The New Indian Express,March 31,2011).
Chandy first headed the 19th ministry in Kerala(1+9=10).
He is the 10th person who has become the CM of Kerala.
Numbers 3,6 and 9 are strongly lucky for Pinarayi Vijayan.
His fate number is 24(2+4=6).
His political career began to make a big leap forward when he was 42 years old.
That was after the expulsion of MV Raghavan from the CPI(M) in 1986(1+9+8+6=24).
He once undertook the “Nava Kerala Yatra”.
The name has 15 characters.
Similar is the case with the name Pinarayi Vijayan.
If the LDF retains the seat at Neyyattinkara,its total strength will be 68.
Both Chandy and Pinarayi are now 68 years.
But number 68 is not lucky for them.
Their next lucky age is 69.
Chandy turns 69 on October 31.
Pinarayi turns 69 on March 21,2013.



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