Who will have the last laugh in the May 6 French Presidential election?
Numbers 5 and 6 play prominent roles in the election.
Nicolas Sarkozy is strongly influenced by 5.
His name begins with the 14th alphabet ‘N’.
The first name carries occult number 23(2+3=5).
The second name also bears occult number 23.
The name,Nicolas Sarkozy carries 14 characters.

He was born on January 28,1955.
By virtue of his birth date,numbers 1 and 4 are strongly significant.
His occult number is 23.
He is the 23rd President of French Republic
Carla Bruni was born on December 23,1967
It is interesting to note that number 23 has strong significance in the life of Sarkozy.
It is seen that Sarkozy had married Married Marie-Dominique Culioli on a 23rd!(September 23,1982).
Number 23 adds up to 5(2+3=5).
Sarkozy’s marriage with Culioli lasted for 14 years
See,14 adds up to 5(1+4=5).
Sarkozy married Cecilia in 1996.
His son Louis was born on April 23,1997.
The year 2012 represents 5.
This is a lucky factor for Sarkozy.
Marine Le pen was born on August 5,1968.
By astrological and numerological reasons her support is likely to be in favour of Sarkozy.
Francois holland:-
He was born on August 12,1954.
Numbers 3,6 and 9 are strongly lucky for him.
So,the election date 6 is lucky for him.
Number 4 is lucky for Obama.
He was elected in the November 4 US Presidential election.
Number 7 is lucky for George W Bush.
He was first elected in the November 7 Presidential election(predicted by me).
Number 2 is lucky for MS Dhoni.
Dhoni lifted the Cricket World Cup 2011 on April 2-as the 2nd captain(predicted by me).
These factors are favourable hints for Holland.
The electoral fight will be neck and neck.
Whatever may be the present opinion poll,it is ridiculous to simply write off Sarkozy!


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