Believe it or not,retrogade movement of planet saturn towards Virgo -and in Virgo= influences the political events in Kerala at an interval of 30 years. The last time it happened so was in 1982. Planet Saturn is now in retrogade(backward) movement in Virgo sign. It started from Libra on 17-1-2012. It ends on June 10. After Jan 17,2012 unprecedented political events have taken place in Kerala. Saturn reached Virgoon May 18. Kerala politics has reached a volcanic stage since then. The similar and last retrogade motion was from January 31,1982 to June 18 ,1982. Kerala politics underwent a sea change during that period. Karunakaran resigned as CM on March 17,1982. This was after the withdrawal of support by Lonappan Nambadan. President rule was promulgated in Kerala from17-3-1982 to 23-5-1982. Election to the 7th assembly was held on May 19. Karunakaran was again sworn in as CM on May 24. Karunakaran had a brief bad period during the time. That caused his resignation. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is now in a much better position than was Karunakaran in 1982. Interestingly,VS Achuthanandan has been protected by Saturn in retrogade motion. That was why he was not removed from the central committee of the party during the 20th party congress. Incidentally,he was born on 20th(Oct 20,1923),despite potential pressure from Kerala unit. What will happen to him before saturn ends its retrogade motion on June 10? Let us wait and watch! What on earth has planet Saturn retrogade motion in Virgo to do with Kerala? Yes,there is an astrological reason! Virgo is related to the Moon-Sign of Kerala.


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