Will Germany lift the cup in EURO 2012?
Number 13 seems to be in favour of Germany.
Number 13 adds up to 4.
How does number 4 helps Germany?
Germany first won the EURO cup in 1972..
It was the 4th edition.
If Germany wins this time,it will be the 4th victory.
Also,it will be the 4th victory after 40 years(4+0=4).
Germany was runner-up on three occasions.
interestingly,Germany always won the cup in the next editions.
If history repeats,Germany, which was runner-up in 2008,will lift the EURO 2012 cup.
That Germany was last runner-up in the 13th edition is also notable.
The final is on July 1.
The date is lucky for those who are lucky 1 and lucky 4.
Also,the fate number of July 1,2012 is 13.
There lucky 13 persons in German team.
For example,Thomas Muller is strongly lucky 13.
In order to arrive at a strong conclusion regaring the final winner,a numerological analysis of prominent persons in all teams is to be done.
That is a laborious task.
So,let us wait till the beginning of Semi final.
Till that,I think that Germany is a hot favourite,
This writer had predicted the victory of India in cricket world cup 2011.
The prediction was based on the lucky number 2 of MS Dhoni and lucky number 6 of Sachin.
The final was on April 2.
Cricket World Cup 2011 was sachin’s 6th world Cup.
I predicted that Dhoni would lift the WC for India on April 2,as the 2nd captain.
India won against Sri lanka by 6 wickets.


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