My political predictions,based on number 13,were about AB Vajpayee and Oommen Chandy.

I have found that number 13 is quite lucky for both.

For AB  Vajpayee number 13 is lucky for him by virtue of his occult number 31.

In the case of Oommen Chandy,number 13 is lucky by virtue of his birth date 31.

Number 13 is lucky for a person whose birth number is 1 or 4.

The result of Neyyattinkara by-poll further strengthens Chandy’s lucky numbers.

The votes polled  by the UDF candidates is 52528(5+2+5+2+8=22,2+2=4).

Percentage of votes is 40(4+04).

With the victory,the strength of the UDF is 73(7+3=10,1+0=1).

Oommen Chandy is the 10th CM of Kerala.

He first headed the 19th ministry(1+9=10).

Now the majority of the UDF is 6.

Number 6 is related to the occult number of Oommen Chandy,R Selvaraj and Neyyattinkara.

Ommen Chandy first became CM at the age of 60(6+0=60.

That was in 2004(2+0+0+4=6).

Coming back to the lucky number 13,it is ironically significant that the strength of the opposition LDF is now 67(6+7=13,1+3=4).

That is a good omen for Oommen Chandy who was sworn in as CM at the age of 67,in the 13th assembly,with a majority of 4 seats!

Margin of votes is significant.

R Selvaraj won by a margin of 6334 votes.

First and last digits symbolizes the lucky numbers of Oommen Chandy.

The two digits in the middle form number 33,which is  the occult number of Neyyattinkara!


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