Italy will fight against Spain on July 1.Who will have the last laugh?
Will it be Italy for the second time?.
Or,will the reigning champion Spain will re-emerge victorious in for the third time in EURO Cup final?
Let us look at the EURO 2008.
Spain was the victor in the final against Germany.
The then Spanish coach was Luis Aragones.It was the single goal scored by Fernando Torres led to the victory of Spain.Luis Aragones was born on 28-7-1938.
His birth date 28 is numerologically related to the year 2008.His fate number is 38(3+8=11,1+1=2).His occult number is 40(4+0=4).The final was on June 29(2+9=11,1+1=2).
It was the 13th edition of EURO Cup tournament(1+3=4).Fernando Torres was born on 20-3-1984.
His birth number is 2.
His occult number is 60(6+0=6).
He was 24 years during the match(2+4=6).
Briefly,the victory of Spain in 2008 was strongly related to the numbers of Luis Aragones and Fernando Torres.
The present Spanish coach is Vicente Del Bosque.He was born on 23-12-1950.His birth number is 5(2+3=5).His fate number is 23(2+3=5).
Number 5 is strongly lucky for him.It is the 14th edition.
The year is 2012(2+0+1+2=5).
His occult number is 65(6=5=11,i=1=2).
It is related to his present age 61(6+1=7).
Because,numbers 2 and 7 are mutually attractive.

Briefly,the Spanish coach is strongly lucky now.
The resurrecting Italy:-
With the unexpected victory in the semifinal against Germany Italy has begun to resurrect.


It was Mario Balotelli who scored the 2 goals for Italy.
He was born on August 12,1990.
His birth number is 3.
His fate number is 30(3+0=3).
He is now 30 years.
So,he is strongly lucky now.
Let us consider Italian coach Cesare Prandelli.
He was born on August 19, 1957.
His birth number is 1.
His fate number is 40(4+0=4).So the date of final is lucky for him.
Besides,Leo is the Zodiac Sign of both Prandelli and Balotelli.
It is related to 1.
The date of final is lucky for both.
Also,the occult number of Italy is 1+0=1).

The year 2012 is significant for italian coach in yet another way.
Born in 1957.
How far July1 is lucky for the players is also significant.
In between the players of both teams,the Italian team has more players who are lucky on July 1.
A historic support:-
So far spain won twice.
Italy won only once.
spain first won in 1964.
Italy won in the next edition in 1968.
Spain last won in 2008.
If history repeats,Italy will win the final.
final conclusion:-
Both Spain and Italy are numerologically strong.
By different permutations and combinations,the lucky factors are almost evenly matched.
However I am of the humble opinion that Italy will have a slight edge over Spain.
Italy will miraculously escape and win the EURO Cup for the second time.
This was the way I predicted the victory of India against sri Lanka in the final of Cricket World Cup 2011.
I have no divine power.
I rely only on facts and figures.
I have been researching for the last 23 years.
If Italy wins,it will be another boost for me.
If Italy loses,it will be a new lesson for me.



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