Maria Sharapova knocked out in fourth round by Sabine Lisicki.
Maria Sharapova was born on April 19,1987.
Sabline Lisicki was born on September 22,1989.
By  virtue of their birth dates,numbers 1 and 4 are strongly lucky for them.
The birth number of Maria Sharapova is 1.
Since numbers 1 and 4 are mutually attractive,both numbers are lucky for her.
Same is the case with Sabine Lisicki whose birth number is 4.
Besides,the fate number of Sabine Lisicki is 40(4+0=4).
More than that,Lisicki is now 22 years(2+2=4).
Her name has 13 characters.
Her occult number is 31(3+1=4).
Both Sharapova and Lisicki are passing through lucky period.
On April 20,2012 I predicted in my blog that age 25 would bring more lucks to Maria Sharapova.
Because,age 25 was related to her occult number 43.
My prediction was proved correct.
She won the French Open final for the first time.
Also,she became the 10th woman in tennis history who won all grand slams.
Besides Maria Sharapova restored number 1 ranking.
But she has now been defeated by Lisicki who might be much luckier!
Will Lisicki  reach and win the final?
It can be discussed later.


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