Will Serena Williams win the Wimbledon 2012?
Serena was born on September 26,1981.
Her birth number is 8.
Her fate number is 36(3+6=9).
Her Zodiac Sign Libra is related to 6.
She is now 6-seeded.

Her occult number is 43 (4+3=7).
Wimbledon 2012 started on June 25th(2+5=7).
Numbers 2 and 7 are related.
She is now 30 years(3+0=3).
It is related to her fate number 9 and Zodiac Sign number 6.
Wimbledon 2012 is the 126th edition(1+2+6=9).
Serena defeated Petra Kvitova in the quarterfinal.
The final is on July 8(her birth number is 8).
But to reach at the final she will have to win Semifinal.
Interestingly,it is Serena’s 7th bid for Wimbledon final.
Interestingly,Petra Kvitova is also a number 8 person.
She was born on March 8,1990.
The next rival of Serena Williams is Victoria Azarenka.
She was born on July 31,1989.
Her birth number is 4.
Her fate number is 38(3+8=11,1+1=2).
Her Zodiac Sign is Virgo.
Virgo is related to 5.
The year 2012 is represented by 5.
The occult number of Victoria Azarenka is 49(4+9=13,1+3=4).
Thus,her birth number and occult number are same.
Also,she is now 22 years old(2+2=4).
Thus,after analysing both Serena William and Victoria Azarenka it seems that the result in the semifinal is unpredictable.
That Serena is meeting Azarenka for the 9th time is noteworthy.
Because,it is her fate number.
She has 27 grand slam titles(2+7=9).
If Serena reaches the final,it will be her 7th Wimbledon final.
Number 7 is related to Serena’s occult number.
These facts seem to give a slight edge for Serena over Azarenka.
However I am not predicting.


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