London olympics 2012 is very crucial  for Roger Federer.
It is now or never for him.Olympics singles gold medal has been missing.
It is his 4th olympics.
Four is lucky for Federer.
Lucky 6 Sachin Tendulkar  could win cricket world cup only in his 6th world cup.
Then India won against Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.
I have been writing blogs about Federer since 2007.
In these blogs i stressed the significance of numbers 5 and 8 for Federer.
His birth number is 8.
His fate number is also 8.
It  is quite fortunate to have the same birth number and fate number.
The occult number of Roger Federer is  50(5+0=5).
The occult number of Mirka federer is 41(4+1=5).

He won the 17th grand slam on July 8.
He won olympics tennis doubles on August 17,2008.
The  year 2012 represents 5.
The next significant numbers for Federer are 1 and 4.
His zodiac sign is leo.
It is strongly related to 1 and 4.
The first name,Roger, carries the occult number 19(1+9=10,1+0=1).
The second name,Federer,has occult number 31(3+1=4).
The London olympics tennis begins on July 28(2+8=10,1+0=1).
The final is on August 5.
These factors are  quite favourable for Roger Federer.
It was in his first olympics that Federer first met his wife Mirka.
Her original  name is Miroslava Vavrinec.
The name carries 17 characters.
The occult number of Mirka is 10(1+0=1).
The name begins with the alphabet “M”.
It is the 13th alphabet(1+3=4).
Also,occult value of “M” is 4.
The occult number of Miroslava Vavrinec is 57(5+7=12,1+2=3).
She was born on April 1,1978.
Her fate number is 30(3+0=3).
See,it is the 30th edition of olympics.
It is quite reasonable to predict that Federer will win the never achieved singles gold in olympics 2012.


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