London Olympics  is super lucky for Michel Phelps.Numbers 3,6 and 9 are  generally lucky for himHe was born on June 30,1985.

It is the 30th edition of Olympics(3+0=3).

Interestingly,it is the 3rd olympics of Phelps.

.Besides,his occult number is 54(5+4=9). He is now 27 years old(2+7=9).

His first Olympics was in 2004(2+0+0+4=6).Then he won 6 gold medals.The 2nd Olympics was in 2008.Then he was 23 years(2+3=5).Then he won     8 gold medals-increasing  his aggregate gold medals to 14 (1+4=5).The fate number of Phelps is 32(3+2=5).The year 2012 represents 5

This time Phelps is concentrating in 7 items only.

If  he wins gold in all,his total gold medals will be 21(2+1=3).




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