With a strong number 3(and multiples of 3) Gagan Narang has been proved lucky three in the thirtieth olympics on the third day of the games.
July 30 represented 3.
It was the 3rd day of the London games.
London Olympics is the 30th edition(3+0=3).
It is Gagan’s 3rd olympics.
The fate number of July 30,2012 is 15(1+5=6).
Gagan’s individual olympics bronze medal is the 6th.
The first one was won by KD Jadhav 60 years back(6+0=6).
Interestingly,he was born a 15th and he won in the 15th olympics(1+5=6).
Numbers 3/6/9 are lucky for Gagan whose birth number is 6.
His zodiac sign Taurus is represented by 6.
He has a strong numerological resemblance with Sachin Tendulkar.
His fate number 32 and year 2012 represents the same numbe 5.
ON July 18,I wrote in face book:-
“Gagan Narang may be lucky 3rd time in London Olympics.
It is the 30th Olympics.
The occult number of Gagan Narang is also 30(3+0=3).
Born on May 6,1983,his strong lucky numbers are 3,6 and 9.The name Gagan Narang begins with “G”. The occult value of “G” is 3.
London Olympics is his 3rd Olympics.
The occult value of “L” is also 3.”
In all Gagan is participating in 3 items.
Best wishes for the success in the remaing items.
Frankly,in a game the lucky numbers of all the participants are to be taken into account.
Then only a correct prediction can be made.
Let us consider the gold medalist and silver medalist in the mens 10m air rifle event.
The gold went to the Romanian Alin George Moldoveanu.
Italian Niccolo Campriani took the silver.
Believe it or not,both of them are strongly influenced by lucky numbers 3/6/9.
Moldoveanu was born on May 3,1983.
Campriani was born on November 6,1987.
The medal now won by India is the 8th in individual item.
Believe it or not, the Chinese people consider number 8 as lucky.Interestingly,the 2008 Beijing Olympics started on August 8.
The fate number of the day was 26(2+6=8).
The belief of the Chinese people saved them.
China won 51 gold medals.
It was 15 more than that of America.
The occult number of China is 15.
In the 2008 Olympics India had a historic victory with 3 individual medals.
The first ever Olympics individual gold medal won by Abhinav Bindra had some thing to do with his birth date 28.
The year was 2008.
The last time India won a gold was 28 years back.
The birth date of Leander Paes is 17(1+7=8).
He won the second individual medal in the 26th Olympics(2+6=8).
Interestingly,that victory was after 44 years(4+4=8).

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