Though defeated in the second-round Leander Paes  and Vishnu Vardhan  are really lucky in London games.

Then why were they defeated by Tsonga-Llodra team?

Just because of the fact that luck had slightly tilted in favour of the latter!

The contest was neck and neck.

Leander Paes  was born on June 17,1973.

He shares his birthday with Venus Williams.jo Wilfried Tsonga was born on April 17,1985.

He shares his birthday with Muttiah Muraleetharan.


By  different calculations the London games is is slightly more favorable to Tsonga.

Michael Lodra was born on May 18,1980.

Vishnu Vardhan was born on July 27,1987.

The birth number of both is 9.

The fate number of Llodra is 32(3+2=5).

He is aged 32.

The fate number of Vishnu Vardhan is 41(4+1=5).



The  zodiac sign of Michael Llodra is related to 6.

His occult number is 42(4+2=6)=6).

The zodiac sign of Vishnu Vardhan is related to 1.

His occult number is 50(5+0=5).

He is aged 25.

So,it is clear that Llodra has a slight edge over Vardhan.

Leander Paes has created history in London Games.

He  is the first tennis player who competed in 6 consecutive Olympics in  men’s doubles.

Interestingly,his occult number is 42(4+2=6

More interestingly,Vishnu Vardhan is ranked 240th (2+4+0=6).

The name Vishnu Vardhan has 13 characters(1+3=4).

V is the 22nd alphabet(2+2=4).

Surprisingly,Vishnu vardhan is the 94th partner of Paes(9+4=13,1+3=4).

Quite surely,Vardhan will be a twinkling star in future,

The year 2012 represents 5(2+0+1+2=5).

It is related to his fate number 41(4+1=5).

So,this year is a major phase in his life.

This can be illustrated in another way.

Born in 1987.



This calculation can be well applied to Maria Sharapova also.

She was born in 1987.

She won her French open in 2012.

She joined the group of tennis women who won all grand slams.

She restored world number 1 ranking for some time.




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