PT Usha can be very proud of Tintu Luka.
The herculian efforts made my Usha to bring up Tintu is not invain.
Tintu has performed at her level best.
I hope that the Rio olympics 2016 will add glory to both Usha and Tintu.
That Tintu did not win a medal is immaterial.
That she performed well in her olympics debut is quite note-worthy.
Tintu needs no sympathy.
She wants empathy.
To express empathy with a person is quite rare in Indian mentality.
Our attitude swings between two extremes.
We glorify the winner to the skies.
We kick down the vanqished to the rock bottom.
This attitude is prevalent in all walks of life(from the marks obtained by an LKG student to the performance of a participant in olympics).
Once we praised PT Usha to the skies.
That was when she won 9 gold medals in Asian Games.
When she could not win olympics medal we derided her.
Usha’s effort to bring up Tintu really did not get the required support from those who matters.
Tintu wants material and moral support from the needed quarters.
A good gesture from the higher authorities will further activate her performances.
When our Mary Kom was fighting against Britain’s Nicola Adams the British PM David Cameron was there to cheer up Adams.
Similarly,Michelle Obama was at the venue to cheer up Serena Williams.
When the cricket world cup final between India and Sri Lanka was going on there was Mahinda Rajapaksa.
What I mean is not that Manmohan Singh should have visited the olympics venue!.
However,somebody from the higher authorities could have expressed solidarity with Indian team.
Mary Kom,PT Usha and Tintu Luka are the real heroines of Indians(especially women).
They reached at this positions from the humble beginnings.
They surmounted so many hurdles.
They hail from remote villages.
Best of luck for them in the next olympics.


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