LK Advani is now under the adverse influence of planet Saturn.He is suffering from “Kandaka Sani”. When planet Saturn moves through the 4th/7th/10th Signs from ones Moon Sign one is under the bad spell of “Kandaka Sani”. Now planet Saturn is moving through Libra. The Moon Sign of LK Advani is Aries. Libra is the 7th from Aries. Thus LK Advani is suffering from KandakaSani. This creates a lot of tension. Like Kandaka Sani,another phenomena is “Ezhara Sani”. It is caused when Saturn moves through the 12th/1st/2nd Sign of ones Moon Sign. Those whose Moon sign is Virgo/Libra/Scorpio are now under the bad spell of “Ezhara Sani”. Moon Sign of BJP is Scorpio. Interestingl,Moon Sign of Narendra Modi is also Scorpio. More interestingly,Rahul Gandhi,Oommen Chandy,Ramesh Chennithala and K Muraleedharan were born under the Moon Sign of Scorpio. However,the quantity and results of bad effects of Kandaka Sani or Ezhara Sani varies from persons to persons. This is due to the fact that the “bala”(power) of Saturn varies in individual horoscpe. That is why weekly predictions generally go wrong.


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